Welcome to the second edition of the Pillars Music Spotlight Series! In case you missed the first playlist, (which you can find here) this series is brought to you in conjunction with Byrd Out, and devoted to shining a spotlight on the East London music community. This month's playlist has been curated by the outstanding East End talent, Lia Mice. 

Lia Mice is a mainstay of the more experimental East London scene, and has released on the excellent Optimo Music, in itself a Walthamstow link via the Spun Out Agency, and has soundtracked short horror film 'A Quiet Room In Walthamstow'. She’s also played at E17 based fundraiser Ravenswood for Eat or Heat (see previous Pillars of the Community heroes!), so you know she’s the right sort.

Lia sent this message along with her playlist: 

"I really love weird music - the music that doesn't fit in a genre - the music where you don't know when or how it was made. There's a lot of weird music being made in East London at the moment and I find it really life-affirming and mind-expanding. I think that's why I've felt so at home since moving here 6 years ago. I've met and performed with loads of artists here who are experimenting with technology and live performance and blurring the boundaries of what a song should sound like. This playlist covers some of my favourite music from East London, including loads of artists who I've been fortunate to perform on the same live shows with (A'Bear, Odd Lust, Lone Taxidermist, Sculpture, Ela Orleans, Graham Dunning, Lizzy Laurance, UVCORE, flies+flies, Atau Tanaka, Bishi, Scrounge, UKAEA, Miri Kat). This playlist goes all over the place but the glue that sticks it together is that it's the music made by outsider weirdos of East London, and it's loads of fun! Hope you dig it!"

You can listen any time on the Pillars Brewery Spotify page.

Find out the latest about Lia's projects by following @lia_mice on Instagram.