Beer of the Year

We are absolutely thrilled to have been awarded ‘Beer of The Year’ at the 2023 London Beer Awards! Our barrel-aged Icebock, a collaboration with East London Liquor Company, scored a tremendous 98 points (out of 100) securing a gold award and the ‘Beer of the Year’ title. We’ve been shouting about our lagers for years but it always feels great to have the hard work of our talented brew team acknowledged.

How did the collaboration come about?

We started to work with East London Liquor Company a few years ago when they began stocking our beer. Since then the relationship has developed as we hosted events and showcases together, including teaming their London Rye Whisky with our Pillars Pilsner as a boiler maker. Our businesses have always worked in a complimentary manner, as two strong and well-established East London brands. When looking for a partner to create a new spin on our existing Icebock lager ELLC were the obvious choice! Luckily they felt the same way and Barrel-Aged Icebock was born. We love the ELLC team and have great fun whenever we collaborate with them.

The beer and the process?

Barrel-Aged Icebock was brewed using the same recipe and freeze-concentration process as our classic Icebock. Following fermentation the beer emerges as a Doppelbock which is when we begin the freeze concentration process. By bringing the temperature of lager down below freezing point the water freezes leaving just ethanol. The ice separates from the alcohol leaving a more concentrated beer with higher ABV, intense flavour and amplified aroma. The Doppelbock has now transformed into an Eisbock.

The additional final stage of the process is what differentiates Barrel-Aged Icebock. The classic Icebock was transferred into an East London Liquor London Rye Whiskey cask to be barrel-aged for nine months. The cask already absorbed London Rye Whisky into the wood, so as the Icebock sits the spirit leeches into the beer. Along with the whiskey, flavour and aroma compounds from the wood are also absorbed into the dark lager. 


The Result

The result is a rich, full-bodied lager packed with rye toast and oak flavours. A smooth noble hop spiciness seeps through to the palate with a balanced and warming finish. The intense taste is accompanied by the sweet aromas of vanilla, dark chocolate and prunes. A 10.8% ABV makes this lager ideal as a beer-lovers alternative to celebratory tipples such as champagne and prosecco.